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Coming to Fort Lauderdale, Florida
September 6&7, 2019


Are you struggling to communicate?
Are your differences creating frustration?
Do you want to avoid future problems?

Being in a relationship can be difficult. Not working on it can only make it worse. You can continue to struggle or wait for it to fail, or you can take action. Whether you are having difficulty today or want to avoid struggles in the future, doing nothing is the wrong answer!

Maybe thoughts of divorce or separation have come to mind. Perhaps you feel your relationship is damaged beyond repair. This isn’t the life you had in mind when you started your journey together. You want to fix things but you just don’t know how.


Finding a safe place to work on your relationship is difficult.

It’s not easy to have relationship conversations. It can be difficult to not only find the tools but also a venue designed for it.

  • How do you start the conversation?

  • What are we suppose to be working on anyway?

  • There has to be a way to make this work.

  • How do we get on the same page?

  • Everything we try seems to fail.

  • We just don’t understand each other!


You should understand your partner.

Working together building Sharper Business Solutions has given Gary & Susan Harper insight into life and relationships. As your hosts, they will guide you through tools, exercises and lessons proven to give you a deeper understanding of your partner and improve you communication with each other.

Along with Gary and Susan you will hear from instructors with years of success helping couples understand their personalities, resolve conflicts, and find balance in their relationship.

“Before attending the Sharper Couples Retreat our unique personalities were creating tension in our relationship. Through the event we have learned to appreciate each other for who we are.”
- Aaron & Beth

“The session on conflict resolution was exactly what we needed. We are now able to face disagreements and grow closer together.
- Austin & Stacie



The Sharper Couples Retreat equips you with the tools to appreciate your partner’s unique personality.



Learn proven ways to keep your relationship on track. Rather than disagreements leading to frustration learn how to use them as opportunities for growth.


Bring balance to your work and life through systems and processes designed to remove unmet expectations.

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FREE PDF - 5 Steps to Better Understanding Your Partner

Download the free PDF “Five Steps to Better Understanding Your Partner” by Gary & Susan Harper.


Ready to understand your partner?


All meals and sessions are included for only $1,499 per couple.


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Get the tools to understand and appreciate your partner at the Sharper Couples Retreat!