Partnering in Life & Business

 “I have always said that my family is one of my biggest ‘why’s.’ My immediate family consists of two beautiful kids, a boy and a girl, and my wife, Susan. I love taking the kids along on business trips because I want them to see what I do and the possibilities that are out there for them, even if they do not end up following my professional path. My daughter, for example, is already a certified nursing assistant and pursuing a nursing degree. She decided not to get involved in the family business to a particularly great extent. Since my son is still in high school, we don’t know for sure what he’ll do either. No matter what, we know that they have seen how we run our business and they have a good understanding of what we hope to accomplish professionally and personally.

“My kids may not be closely tied to my family business, but my wife, Susan, certainly is. She is not just my partner in life; she's also my partner in business. We run our company together, and I could not be more thankful for her.

“The reason that working with my wife works for me (and that working with me works for her) is that we both want the same things from our business and our investing. We both agreed years ago that our goals would focus on giving back, be it to a community or even the real estate industry. Because we share the same goals and passions, we work well together in business and in life. We also get to do a lot of great things together, such as travel, advise investors, and educate business owners. It is wonderful to know not just that we are making a difference, but that we are doing so together.”

Gary Harper