Marketing Mentors

Sharper Marketing has created a complete solution that addresses every aspect of your marketing needs without the incredibly high price tag of traditional agency rates.

By using your own team of employees and our process of training mixed with just the right tools we can together create a digital strategy that won’t fizzle out.

It all starts with your custom marketing setup and training where we create the foundation for success. Nothing has been overlooked. From a website you can actually use, edit and control to a professionally created brand package all the way down to the preloaded MacBook Air, we’ve thought of everything.

Through monthly marketing we keep the momentum going! Q&A webcasts, one-on-one video calls and quarterly refresher meetings ensure that your team members know what to do to keep your company in front of potential clients.

You often end up paying for all sorts of subscriptions and little monthly fees that eat away at your bottom line. We’ve included those too in our Monthly Marketing Mentor program. One monthly rate covers everything you and your team need to create, distribute, track and succeed with your digital marketing.

Our team has been creating and promoting amazing brands for over a decade. This is BY FAR the most in-depth and affordable marketing package we’ve ever created. Let’s work together to take your business to the next level!

 In-person 1 day training for your team

Set-up & optimization of digital marketing

Content creation training

 • In-person 2 day training for your team

• Branding design or refresh package

• Set-up & optimization of digital marketing

• Content creation training

• Website build or rebuild and training

• Website hosting

• MacBook Air preloaded and ready for work