Client Success




When I met Gary I was doing well in my business but confused why every day was like a Texas Tornado. Running around, paying contractors, getting supplies, always on the go. I was making money but was always in a state of chaos.

When Gary started talking about business processes and automating your company it was perfect timing. I did not hesitate in hiring him to help me figure out what was wrong. The CLARITY he provided me was awesome. When I documented my current business process I realized, I didn’t have any. Gary asks a lot of questions, hard questions that got me thinking differently about my business. At the time I hired Gary it was a big commitment for me. I had been in business for less than a year and was not sure if his service was too much for me at the time. I am so glad I brought him onto my team when I did. Setting up my process maps was a game changer for my company. Instead of running around all day with my head chopped off I feel in control of my business. Instead of making 4 hours of sales calls, Gary taught me how to write process maps and standard operating procedures to have one of my employees make sales calls.

Gary helped me go from creating a job for myself to having a real company. Within 3 months of working with Gary I increased my sales 30%, cutting wasteful spending by 20%, moved into a new office, and started hiring my staff.

Gary has gone from a service provider to a friend. I consider him a partner in my business. He is always available to answer follow up questions and give me the help I need. As I am starting EOS implementation with my new staff Gary has been there to review previous learning and enhance the processes.

My family and I want to thank Gary. If you are on the fence about making a big commitment, do it. It will be the best decision you make this year.

Max Keller
Real Estate Investor, Max Buys Homes LLC



We just completed a two day event with Sharper Business Solutions LLC. Gary and Susan were both wonderfully insightful and extremely helpful. I feel that the information and guidance we received from this event is going to help our business get to the next level.

We now have a clear picture of where the business is going and how to get there. We now have our entire leadership team on the same page and working together. We are extremely excited to implement the EOS system.

I highly recommend working with Sharper Business Solutions LLC to help improve your company’s business processes, structure, and overall health. I only wish I had found Gary and Sharper Business Solutions sooner. All members of our leadership team are excited and highly motivated to implement everything learned at our event.

Whether you are a small or large company the EOS system and Sharper Business Solutions LLC will greatly improve multiple aspects of your company. The value of the services provided by Sharper Business Solutions LLC far exceeds the cost.

I hope everyone looking to improve their company has the opportunity to work with Gary Harper and Sharper Business Solutions LLC.

Chad Nadler
Owner, Gothic Investments LTD



Gary has a very unique way to help people understand their business. Within three days you can be completely set up for a small to midsize business $1 million to $100 million in revenue. However, Gary has also consulted for fortune 500 companies. I have never seen anyone teach me how to do processes and process map my process better than Gary.. in my opinion his entire weekend was worth it just to teach us how to process map our processes… pure genius!

Tom Olson
Olson Property Services



If you have not worked with Sharper Business Solutions then you are missing out on a great opportunity to improve your business. If your goal is to improve as a company (and as a person), then this team needs to be on your corner. Gary and Susan are helping our team in building our process maps and we are extremely satisfied with their guidance and knowledge in RE resources. Whether you are starting out or are running a well-established business, Gary and Susan will find ways to improve your methodology. 10 Stars!

Erick Leon
Revitalized Homes